The mansion of the nobil Cseh Ignacz is situated in Cernat de Jos under number 482, in the comitat of Three Chairs (county Covasna), Transylvania.

This mansion was built in 1839 in the center of Cernat de Jos. The classic style building has one floor and was rebuilt in 1998 and now in this place operates the ENIKO guesthouse.

The entry on the field and the stone fence are also typicals of the period. The mansion has south-west orientation. The spacious rooms and the large living room are made with plan ceiling and in the kitchen with beams. The foundation is stone, the walls are made ​​of bricks and the roof originally was shingles. The cellar is vaulted.

On 2. april 1848 in this mansion were gathered two hundred representatives of the liberal nobility of Three Chairs. Major mayor, Albert Horvath announced the convening of the general meeting at Saint George (11-12 April).

At the general meeting on 30. may 1848 in Cernat de jos were present a large number of serfs and military people and the representatives of Three Chair County.

Pünkösti Gergely, border officer announced the elimination of serfdom task.

A commemorative for those events was inaugurated on 15. march 2009.